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Election Info

Post by Aestra on Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:52 pm

The Election Comission - Election Information for February '18 Elections

I: Offices
All elected offices are up this cycle. These are:
i. Secretary of War
ii. Secretary of Defence
iii. Secretary of Customs
iv. Secretary of State
v. Senate [top seven cantidates elected]
II: Timetable
The timetable for this election cycle is as follows:          

PeriodStart DateEnd Date
Declarations of Candidacy - Campaigns may not be posted until the end of this period. Candidates may announce their candidacy as seen below.8 February 00:00 EST15 Febuary 23:59 EST
Campaigning - Campaign threads may be posted at this time. Citizens may begin to ask questions on campaign threads.16 February 00:00 EST23 Febuary 23:59 EST
Voting - Citizens may vote via the polls on the regional forum. Results will be private and will be announced in a ceremony at the Royal Palace at a date to be announced in the future. 24 February 00:00 EST30 February 23:59 EST
III: Declarations
Any citizen is allowed to run for office. Do this by saying you are doing so in a new thread under the elections forum for the specific office. The Election Commission or Emperor will announce that they've seen and noted your request. No citizen can request multiple offices.

OK, everyone, thanks for signing up for elections! Once the campaign period becomes active, I will allow people to post their campaigns, and citizens can ask questions about their campaigns! Then, we'll vote and begin the transition of power. Fun times!

Emperor Aestra

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Re: Election Info

Post by Vulturret on Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:27 pm

All candidates noted have been conditionally accepted. Let the campaigning begin!

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