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Post by Samsonyte on Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:22 am

Banject: A portmanteau of the words ban and eject, or the act of ejecting a banning a nation from a region.
Clean Puppet: A puppet that has not yet been used in any military operations. Preferable to dirty puppets because defenders could recognize a nation that has been used before.
CTE: Cease to Exist. After 28 days, if you have not logged into a nation on NationStates, the nation will disappear. If you try to log in within 5 years of that, you can save your nation and be put in a sinker.
Chasing: The act of stopping raiders during a tag raid by moving into the same region with more endorsements.
DEN: Not an acronym. A previous raiding region that was deleted for using a script, called Predator, that was over the rate limit. Several users of the script were also punished.
Detag: The act of undoing a tag raid. A common practice for defenders.
Dirty Puppet: A puppet that has already been used in a military operation. Not desirable because defenders might recognize it.
Discord: A program used for real-time chat. Please join ours.
DM: Direct Message. A form of chat on Discord that directly links two people. Known as PM on the forum.
DOS: Deleted on Sight. The worst punishment a person can get. Mods will delete all of a person's nations and all new ones they create, effectively banning them from NationStates.
Endo: Short for endorse or endorsement.
Fenda: Slang for defender, or a person devoted to stopping raiders and restoring power to natives. Raiders use this term frequently, but it is derogatory to defenders themselves.
Feeder: One of the regions that a player will automatically start in when they found a nation, The Pacific, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, The West Pacific, and The East Pacific.
Gameplay: The part of NationStates that involves the taking over of regions for personal gain and the stopping of that act.
Gameside: On itself, not on a forum or discord.
GCR: Game Created Region. Any region not founded by a regular user, in other words, Feeders, Sinkers, and Warzones.
HYDRA: Another raiding organization
Influence: A statistic based on how long and with how many endos and nation has been in a region. Influence is used to do various things in a region, such as ejecting people.
Jump: Moving a puppet from a jump point to the target at the designated time.
Jump Point: A region with an exceptionally late update time that is used to move your puppets to the target from during a raid.
JP: Abbreviation for jump point.
Lib: Short for liberation.
Liberation: After a region has been raided, not just tagged, defenders will try to take it back and return it to the natives. Uses the same function as an occupation raid, it just has a different purpose.
Lily: A non-partisan raiding and defending organization. Led by extremely skilled updaters like Liliarchy and Chingis. Has some of the most impressive hit numbers in the R/D world. Also notable for its trigger bot.
LWU: Lone Wolves United. Another raiding organization.
Mod: Moderator. One of the people in charge of regulating the site.
Native: A regular NS player who is not involved in R/D gameplay. Preyed upon by raiders and protected by defenders.
NS: NationStates. The game that raiding and defending is done on.
NSGP: NationStates Gameplay. The subforum on the NS forum called "Gameplay." On it can be found information about numerous regions and happenings within those regions. Can be found
NPO: New Pacific Order. The current government in The Pacific.
Occ: An occupation raid. A raid where the purpose is to gain control of a region, refound it, and password it.
Officer: A person of high rank in an R/D organization. In The Dark Vanquishers, the first officer rank is Admiral.
Offsite: Anything that is outside of
OFO: Osiris Fraternal Order. The current government of Osiris.
Org: Short for organization.
Op: Short for operation.
Operation: Another term for a raid, usually an occupation.
Op sec or Opsec: Operation security. When used as an adjective, it means that it is safe to talk about classified military business because defenders cannot see it. Can also be used as a remark to tell someone not to divulge classified military information in that place.
Point: The person in a raid who receives endorsements from others. If the raid is successful, they will be the delegate.
PM: Private Message. A form of chat on the forum that directly links two people. Known as DM on Discord
Pup: Short for puppet.
Puppet: A nation that is used solely for raiding purposes. Puppets are often only used once and are considered expendable.
Raider: A person devoted to taking over regions for personal gain or for fun.
R/D Gameplay: Raiding/Defending Gameplay. The part of NationStates that involves the taking over of regions for personal gain and the stopping of that act.
Retag: Tagging a region that has already been tagged by another organization.
RMB: Regional Message Board. A chat function on NationStates located on the region page. Not often used.
RNS: Ruining Nazi Sandcastles. An organization that raids regions based on ideological opinions, usually Nazi or fascist regions.
RO: Regional Officer. Someone with an officer position on NationStates.
Sinker: A region that players are placed in when they refound a nation after it CTEs, Lazarus, Osiris, Balder, and The Rejected Realms. The Rejected Realms is unlike the other Sinkers because it is where people go if they are ejected from a region.
Sleeper: A nation planted in a region to gain influence for use in a future raid. Sleepers can sometimes last for years.
SPSF: South Pacific Special Forces. The military of The South Pacific. Non-partisan, but biased toward defenders.
Tag: Tag raid.
Tag Raid: A form of raiding where a group will endorse someone and take over a region just for a short time after it updates. After taking the delegacy, they will change the WFE to promote their organization. This done as advertising or just for fun.
Target: In raiding, the region that the raiders are planning to take over.
TBH: The Black Hawks. One of the largest raiding organizations.
TBR: The Black Riders. A previous raiding region that was deleted for using a script, called Predator, that was over the rate limit. Several users of the script were also punished.
TG: Telegram. A method of communication on NationStates, like a DM or PM.
TGW: The Grey Wardens. The most prominent and largest defending organization.
TEP: The East Pacific.
TI: The Invaders. Another raiding organization.
TITO: Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization. Another defending organization.
TNP: The North Pacific.
TRE: The Roman Empire. Another raiding organization.
Trigger: A message on Discord from the raid leader telling everyone to jump. Can also mean the sender of that message.
TRR: The Rejected Realms. Where nations go after being ejected from a region.
TSP: The South Pacific.
TWP: The West Pacific.
UCR: User Created Region. Any region founded by a regular user, in other words, anything but Feeders, Sinkers, and Warzones.
UDL: United Defenders League. One of the largest defending organizations.
Update: A time that happens twice a day at 12AM EST and 12PM EST. This is when all of the regions update and the delegacy can change and nations gain influence. This is when most military operations take place, as it gives defenders less time to react as well as being the only time tag raiding is possible.
Updater: A raider or defender that actively raids or defends, not just does administrative stuff.
Warzone: A Warzone is a GCR that acts like a normal region except that it cannot be passworded, bans are temporary, and it has no founder. Warzones are often the subject of rapid transferral of powers.
WFE: World Factbook Entry. A section of a region page that regions can change to say whatever they want. It also exists for individual nations, but it is rarely used.

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