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Post by Vulturret on Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:58 am

The Undivided Nations: Forum Administrators:

Root Forum Administrator:Vulturret - Vulturret runs the forum for TUN. He adds new features and all that.
Administrators:Samsonyte, Aestra, Aav Whitehall - These guys just help moderate and mask.
Contact any admin if you need help!

General Vulturret Mataki
Former Deputy Director of HYDRA
Honorary Wizard-Citizen of Dawn
Root Forum Administrator of Dawn
Chief of the Generals Staff of Dawn
Prince of the First Rank of The Ragerian Imperium
Former Grand Minister of The Ragerian Imperium
Deputy Councillor of External Affairs of The Ragerian Imperium
Admiral of The Ragerian Imperium's Ragerian Armada
Former Imperator of The Dark Vanquishers
Former Caliph of The Arabian Empire
Former Grand Vizier of The Arabian Empire (x2)
Former Vizier of External Affairs of The Arabian Empire

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