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Senatorial Procedures Act

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Senatorial Procedures Act Empty Senatorial Procedures Act

Post by Vulturret on Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:40 pm

Senatorial Procedures Act:
Authored by General Vulturret, the Head of the Senate.
Article 1: Preamble
Seeking to create a more functioning body, the Senate of these Undivided Nations does hereby enact these procedures, known as the Senatorial Procedures Act, charged with the unwavering responsibility of keeping order and procedural consistency in this fine Senate. By the passing of this act, the Senate moves to create a more organised and verdant body. We as this fine Senate, wish to reform the body through the passage of this bill.
Article 2: The Head of the Senate
1. Separate from the procedures in the constitution, the Head of the Senate shall be appointed by a simple majority to vote of Senators after elections when a new group of Senators take office. If no majority agreement is reached on selecting a new Head, the head appointed by the procedures outlined in the constitution shall continue to be in effect until a time when majority agreement is reached. The previous Head of the Senate shall be charged with informing the forum administration team of the new Head so that the administration can remove the previous head of his duties, masking, and moderation ability over the Senate sub-forum. The administration will also apply those same abilities to the new official.
2. The Head of the Senate shall be charged with the responsibility of bringing motioned drafts to vote. When a Senator motions a draft and debate thread to vote, and another Senator seconds it, it is the responsibility of the Head of the Senate to move that bill on to the voting forum and set up a thread where Senators can vote Aye, Nay, or not vote at all, or abstain.
3. Per the third article of the bill, the Head of the Senate is tasked with fairly tallying votes at the end of the voting period. The voting results are then to be posted publically, and the citizens are to be notified that the Senate has passed a new law.
4. Following the previous procedure, the Head shall then submit the bill to the Emperor's Palace, where the emperor shall decree on the approval of the bill, or not so
5. Following that, the Head of the Senate shall be tasked with moving the passed bill to the Law Index, or archiving it if it wasn't passed.
Article 3: Senatorial Inactivity Policy
1. Any senator who missed 1/3 of the votes offered to him in a month period will be deemed inactive. The "month" starts on the 1st of the month at 00:01 GMT and ends on the last day of the month at 23:59 GMT.
2. A Senator may petition the Head of the Senate that they will be unable to vote, for whatever reason, prior to the absence, and tell the HOS that they will be gone. The HOS will exclude them from the inactive roster if they filed this prior to the absence.
3. Within the first three days of the month, the Head of the Senate will remove Senators that didn't meet the activity requirements from office, with the assistance of the Emperor.
Article 4: Senatorial Proceedings
1. When a bill has been proposed, a Senator may motion the bill to vote. The Head of the Senate will move the bill to the voting forum, and create a poll for that.
2. Voting will last 36 hours, or until all members have voted.
3. This bill is dubbed "Procedural Law" and requires a 4/5 super majority to amend.

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