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the NBP is now the PNU

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the NBP is now the PNU Empty the NBP is now the PNU

Post by Vulturret on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:44 am

The Progressive Nationalist Union: Office of the Vice-Chair
Following extensive negotiations, The NBP and all its members are now a part of the Progressive Nationalist Union, which is striving for more activity and new legislation.
Vice-Chair Vulturret welcomed the move, saying "the large membership [of the PNU] will now allow us to cement our place in the future of the region. We're going to work on further merger negotiations, and hope that the region will be responsive.

The Progressive Nationalist Union Council:
Secretary Samsonyte, Chair
General Vulturret, Co-Vice Chair
Senator Pepe, Co-Vice Chair

General Vulturret Mataki
Former Deputy Director of HYDRA
Honorary Wizard-Citizen of Dawn
Root Forum Administrator of Dawn
Chief of the Generals Staff of Dawn
Prince of the First Rank of The Ragerian Imperium
Former Grand Minister of The Ragerian Imperium
Deputy Councillor of External Affairs of The Ragerian Imperium
Admiral of The Ragerian Imperium's Ragerian Armada
Former Imperator of The Dark Vanquishers
Former Caliph of The Arabian Empire
Former Grand Vizier of The Arabian Empire (x2)
Former Vizier of External Affairs of The Arabian Empire

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