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Military Procedures Act

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Military Procedures Act Empty Military Procedures Act

Post by Vulturret on Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:47 pm

From the desk of Aav Whitehall, Secretary of Defense
Military Procedures Act
Establishing precedent to be followed in the rules and regulations of the military.
Declaring the military of TUN to be a non-partisan military, aligns itself towards the Monarchy.
Declaring its' autonomy from mundane government officials.
Section 1:
i. The High Command of the military shall consist of generals, and shall be appointed by the secretary of war, and/or the secretary of defense. *EDIT: Appointments must be confirmed by both secretaries.
ii. The High Command shall have authority to establish general regulations for the military
iii. The people of TUN shall have no say in how the military is governed, save passing an act of law to govern it.
iv. Establishing that the High Command shall have supreme jurisdiction in deciding ranks, and promotions of members.
v. The Emperor shall have veto power over any action taken by the military.
vi. The Crown Prince shall be required to get a simple majority of senate votes to override a military action.
Section 2:
i. Establishing the mililtary's independance, and as such, it's ability to conduct actions without first checking with the Secretary of Customs.
ii. Realizing the need for balance, establishes a veto authority by the cabinet of TUN.
iii. The Cabinet of TUN, which consists of all the secretaries, shall be able to convene at it's leisure, and then veto any action taken by the military with a simple majority. The Secretaries of War and Defense shall be excluded from this vote. The Emperor and Crown Prince shall not be excluded from this vote.
iv. Declares the military to be solely commanded by the High Command, and the Officer Corps, and establishes firmly that it is not connected to any institution outside of the Department of War.
Section 3:
i. The Department of War shall consist of the military, and the Department of Defense.
ii. The Department of Defense shall be governed in a seperate document.
Section 4:
i. The Secretary of War shall be the supreme authority in the Department of War.
ii. The Secretary of Defense has all the powers of the Secretary of War, but may be overruled by the Secretary of War.
iii. The Department of War shall also handle internal security matters, in the form of the Department of Defense.
Section 5:
i. Via a majority vote by the High Command, this document in Section 1, 2, and 4 shall be amendable.
ii. This section is not amendable, save a ⅗ majority vote by the senate, to be confirmed by both secretaries, the high command, and the Emperor.
Iii. Establishing general prudence in the act, while recognizing that the military is an autonomous body, amends this Military Procedures Act

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