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Post by Vulturret on Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:54 pm

Welcome to the incredible region of The Undivided Nations! Becoming a citizen is your first step on your incredible journey through TUN, an incredible region. Becoming a citizen has numerous benefits. I can't do them all justice, but I'll try my best. For starters, becoming a citizen allows you to vote in elections for both the Senate and the cabinet. This is a very important facet of TUN, our very democracy relies on new citizens getting involved in the democratic process. If you're well liked, or even if you aren't, you can run for any of these offices. More about that can be found in the Election Center. Another great benefit about becoming a citizen is access to hidden parts of our regional forums. Our Plaza, and its private hall, is exclusive to citizens. In those forums you'll be able to roleplay and interact with your fellow citizens. Seeking even more awesome roleplays and hangout time with your fellow TUN citizens? Check out our amazing discord server. If you don't have a Discord account already, I highly recommend getting one. It's the main communication point for TUN citizens, and we'll rejoice when we see you on there. Another great benefit of being a citizen is our awesome community. Our government officials and monarchy are both very nice and helpful, and we have a mentorship program, which is run by myself where you can learn about how to best get involved in The Undivided Nations. Without too much further hesitation, let's cut to the chase; becoming a citizen is super easy and has a ton of awesome benefits. To become a citizen, copy the code below into a NEW THREAD, fill it out completely, and a member of our helpful Forum Staff will get to processing it.

1. What is your main NationStates nation?
2. Any other nations? List them.
3. How'd you hear about TUN, and why'd you join?
4. What do you want to do most in the game? (Military, government, etc..)
Again, thanks for your interest in becoming a citizen. We'll get to your application soon!

General Vulturret Mataki
Former Deputy Director of HYDRA
Honorary Wizard-Citizen of Dawn
Root Forum Administrator of Dawn
Chief of the Generals Staff of Dawn
Prince of the First Rank of The Ragerian Imperium
Former Grand Minister of The Ragerian Imperium
Deputy Councillor of External Affairs of The Ragerian Imperium
Admiral of The Ragerian Imperium's Ragerian Armada
Former Imperator of The Dark Vanquishers
Former Caliph of The Arabian Empire
Former Grand Vizier of The Arabian Empire (x2)
Former Vizier of External Affairs of The Arabian Empire

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