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Regional Officers Act Empty Regional Officers Act

Post by Vulturret on Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:29 pm

Passed by the Senate on 12/18/2017 and approved by the Emperor the same day:
General Vulturret wrote:Article I: Preamble:
Understanding that the position of Regional Officer is a position of trust;
Recognizing the need for regional officers;
Hereby creates the Regional Officer Act.

Article II: Definitions:
Border Control: The ability to eject a nation from the region.
Appearance: The ability to pin dispatches, and change the WFE.
Polls: The ability to call polls.
Embassies: The ability to create and destroy embassies.
Communications: The ability to send region-wide telegrams.
Executive: The ability to appoint and dismiss regional officers, as well as modify them.
Vetted: The Senate gets the forum admin team to run an IP background check, and interviews the possible appointee. The Senate then confirms the nominee with a 67% (2/3) super majority following the established procedure in the Senatorial Procedures Act.

Article III: Border Control:
Noticing that the most powerful among these is the border control power;
Realizing that it should not be handed out lightly;
Hereby requires all possible border control appointees to be vetted by the senate, and Department of War and the Department of Defense.

Realizing that the Emperor may wish to put certain individuals in a regional officer position;
Recognizing the previous clause;
Hereby determines that the Emperor shall be able to appoint Regional Officers by fiat, but also realizing the need for regional security, declares that the Emperor can appoint officers with the Polls, Embassies, and Communications power without approval from the Senate.

As such, to be considered as a nominee, the prospective appointee to the regional officer position may be put into the office without senate confirmation first. However:

Article IV: Appearance
Realizing that the power of Appearance was not granted as a power givable by fiat;
Recognizing that such regulations already exist for Border Control, which requires senate confirmation;
Declares that a candidate for the Appearance position be confirmed by the Senate;
Recognizing that even the Emperor's power should not be limitless;
Realizing that if one person is to declare by fiat, the regional officers;

Article V: Offices:
Recognizing that certain offices of the government need certain regional officer powers to do their jobs, this bill establishes precedent for the following offices:
Secretary of State: Requires the ability to use Embassies power to extend our foreign relations abroad, does hereby require the founder to give the SoS embassies power.
Secretary of Defense: Requires the ability to use Border Control power to protect the homeland, expedites the process of Senate confirmation for elected SoD. In order to confirm the SoD to Border Control, this bill directs the Head of the Senate to do this immediately upon taking office, and only requires a 50%, simple majority to approve.
Crown Prince: Requiring the powers to successfully administrate in the Emperor's place, hereby grants the Crown Prince all powers except border control. The Crown Prince shall be given border control upon confirmation by the senate. The crown prince shall also be the World Assembly Delegate for the Undivided Nations.

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